An Addendum ……

…… to last night’s post.

I forgot to write about THE most important lesson I learned yesterday.
And it’s another cab lesson.

Most of the cabs here have monitors in the back that show entertainment blurbs about stuff going on in NY. It’s entertaining, unless you’re in the cab long enough to see it loop around several times.

But yesterday I saw a blurb that I hadn’t seen before. Last month the city passed a new law: the speed limit in NYC is now 30 mph. They wanted to make it 25, but the mayor gave in at 30. From 40, I think.
If you’ve never been here you need to know that no one ever follows the speed limit. Not at 40 and certainly not at 30.

So, this is the blurb/commercial that I saw:

“If you hit someone at 40 mph they have a 70% chance of dying.
If you hit someone at 30 mph they have an 80% chance of living.”

And that was it.
Really, seriously, and truly …… that was the entire message.
So it sounds like hitting someone is inevitable. It’s going to happen, so just make sure you hit them at 30 mph …… unless it’s someone you don’t like, and then rev it up to 40.
Good to know.
(OK, the next to the last sentence is just my thought. It wasn’t implied in the commercial. For those of you who are more literal than most.)

In other news …… I had the best time tonight! Yes, at the supper club (which was Studio 54, for any of you who know that name) that I was leery of going to because I’d be by myself, seated at a table with other people.
I will never be leery of that again.


When I arrived I was taken to a table and a seat where I sat next to a woman, who came with her mom, who sat across from her. They were chatting with a woman who sat on the other side of the daughter. On my other side there was an empty chair, and then a woman who sat across from her husband, and both were staring at their cell phones.
Those two were next to the stage. Front and center. It was a great table in that sense.
I was perusing the menu, not talking to anyone, when 3 men came up to the couple at the end and started saying hi and hugging them. It was clear that one of the men was friends with this couple and had not seen them in a while. One of the men sat next to me and the two others sat across from me.
The man directly across from me started talking to the mom and daughter, introducing himself. He said that they were from Houston. So I piped up and said that I, too, was from Houston. He was surprised and asked where in Houston and I told him.
Then he told us that he and his partner (the guy sitting next to me) had seen these two women (who were the people doing the show) 18 years ago in Houston. They loved them so much that when he saw they were performing in NY, he got airline tickets immediately to come see them.
I was impressed.
And glad that I had received one of my great emails about the show, and decided to see it.

He then somehow mentioned that he and his partner were on the board of a small theatre in Houston.
I, being the theatre person that I am, asked which one. To which he replied, “Stages”.
The theatre that Daughter #1 did her internship at six years ago.
Yes, really.
He was surprised and asked her name. I told him and he recognized the name, though he wasn’t sure if he had ever met her.
He then texted the director of the theatre to tell him that he was having dinner with Daughter #1′s mom. The director replied, “You’re kidding!!!?”.
Small world.

Then I remembered that one of Daughter #2 and #3′s friends has performed quite a few times at that theatre. So I asked him if he knew her.
He stared at me incredulously for a moment and then said, “Yes, we know her well!” I said that I had known her since she was 14, or younger. He then texted this young lady to tell her that he was having dinner with me. And she replied, “Whaaaaaaaat??!!!”
And now the four of us (and hopefully Daughter #3) are going to dinner Sunday night.
Very small world.

The women who sang tonight were really wonderful. They’re sisters and the show is called “Sibling Revelry”. One has been the lead in 6 Broadway shows (one of them “Cats”). The other has won several music awards. They both sang (and one wrote) the theme song of “The Nanny”, which we all sang together. :)

It was a very fun night.
It was great to meet these men, who have been together for 33 years. THIRTY THREE years.
Amazing. Not many couples, no matter what gender they are, can claim that.
The one next to me is a doctor in Houston, and he and I sang along with quite a few songs (when it was appropriate). He claimed that I was his new best friend and that we should travel together.

After the show a woman came up to me and asked if I had known the words to every single song. I admitted that I did not. There were two or three that I’d never heard before. She said that was surprising and that she had enjoyed watching us sing along.
Evidently she couldn’t really hear us all that well.

As the show was getting ready to end, one of the sisters came out into the audience to talk to a few people. She came to our table and asked a couple of questions to the party on the other end (3 guys and 2 women). One of the men asked if he could say something. She looked surprised but gave him the mic. He thanked the two of them for bringinf music to people and making them feel better. Then he stood up, took out a small box, and proposed to his partner, who was sitting next to him. And who was hugely surprised.
The entire room erupted into applause and congrats, and the waiters brought out a cake with sparklers. The men’s mothers were there, but had been at a table on the other side of the room, so that the man being proposed to wouldn’t see them. They were very happy and excited and there were hugs all around.

The proposal:

The sparkler cake:

And while this might not be a popular thought …… I was very proud to be living in a city where a room full of people could celebrate and encourage love. No condemnation, no judging, just simple support of love.

It was quite a night.
I’m so happy that I went, and didn’t let being alone stop me.
I smiled as I walked home.
I love this city.
Ridiculously and totally love it.
It’s not a perfect place, but no place is.
But I still love it. Faults and all.

And I’m really going to miss it during the month of May.
But hopefully I’ll love being in Texas …… and in the house that will be my home.

Lessons Learned ……

…… in just one day.

I learned several lessons today, mostly concerning cab rides. And as always, I am sharing them with you.

Lesson #1: Do NOT ask your cab driver if he can get somewhere any faster, unless you’re prepared to experience a stomach-lurching, roller coaster-like ride.
I kid you not.

Lesson #2: You know all of those movies you’ve seen where someone’s in a cab in NY, the traffic is horrible, and the rider says, “I’ll just get out here, thanks.” and then RUNS like a bat out of hell to get somewhere in time?
Well, that really happens.
Cuz that’s exactly what I did yesterday afternoon.

Lesson #3: It might not be a great idea to do a barre class in the morning, a book club meeting an hour later, and a Broadway matinee in the afternoon.
Because you might just have a very expensive nap.
Not that I’d personally know that.
I’m just sayin’.

Yesterday afternoon I saw “The Realistic Joneses”. With Toni Collette and Marisa Tomei.
I arrived at the theatre just as the show was starting.
I was lucky to get there that soon.
And because I was late I wasn’t able to take my usual “before show” picture.

It’s a play with 4 characters, two couples both named Jones. Both with husbands who are ill/dying.
And I was really tired.
I might need to go see it again.
But I enjoyed the first half.
And had it had an intermission, I would’ve enjoyed the second half.
But I was trying to ignore my bladder during most of that half.
Not fun.

Last night I went to see “If,Then” starring Adele Dazeem …… I mean, Idena Menzel.
I really, really liked it.
Even though it had some very difficult moments.
And songs.
I’d see it again, which is the best compliment I can give.
In spite of all of the tears I shed.

Today was the first time in 4 days that I didn’t have barre class.
Thank the Lord.
I enjoyed the short break before I go the next two days.
I’m trying to make up for lost time while I was in Oklahoma last week.
Which might just mean that I’m going to die in the month of June, after I spend the month of May in Texas, with no barre class.
I may just have to open one in my community so that I’ll have a place to go while I’m there.
I’ll have to survive the month of June if I want to do that.

Tonight I went to see 2 plays that were performed together. The first was “Clean”, which was about 3 women in London, who are “clean criminals”, which means that they don’t kill or hurt anyone.
It was kind of like “Charlie’s Angels” meets “Ocean’s Eleven”.
And it was funny.

The second play was “A Respectable Widow Takes to Vulgarity”, and I loved it.
It’s about a very proper British woman who’s widowed and meets a young Scottish man who worked for her husband, at the funeral. And he curses like a sailor (which embarrasses him to no end) and she decides to learn how to how to speak her husband’s language (which he spoke when the first met, but didn’t speak after they were married) from this young man. It was hilarious, and very, very touching.

Tomorrow night I’m going to a “supper club” to see “Sibling Rivalry” which has two sisters performing. This should be pretty interesting, especially since I’m going by myself and will most likely have to share a table. Ugh.
Maybe I’ll meet some interesting people.

This afternoon I was flipping through channels and decided to watch “Million Dollar Listing”, which is on Bravo. It used to be about two real estate companies in NY and the properties they were selling. Now it’s about 3 guys who sell real estate and have way too much drama with each other …… like more than the Kardashians. I think. I don’t watch that show so I’m just assuming.

Anyway, when I tuned into Bravo I was surprised to see that one of the agents was trying to sell an apartment in my building. Well, kind of surprised. Back in the fall we all knew that they were taping a show here, since they shut down the upstairs exercise room, pool and bar area to all of us that week. And they were using tooth brushes to clean everything up there.
But then I forgot about it, until I started watching the show today. It first aired last Wednesday night,and it will continue next Wednesday night.
Just in case you’re interested.
And if you are, please keep in mind that not all of the apartments in this building are made up of FOUR apartments at a total of 3,000 square feet. And that many of us are renting apartments, not owning them. So yeah, we’re the dregs of the building.
Oh, and also, I don’t think there’s any freaking way that they’re going to sell that apartment for 7.8 million dollars.
But we shall see.
Holy crap.
(Although I think that apartment is still empty.)

But if you watch it you’ll be able to see the upstairs of my building.
You’re welcome.

OK, it’s almost midnight, my time, and I have a barre class to endure in the morning.
So, peace out.
And have a good Friday.
Or rather, a good Good Friday.
And pause to think about what this day represents.

Which, for me, is so very much.

This Is Not the Post ……

…… I thought I’d write tonight.

But things change, and sometimes change quickly.

Tonight I went to see the Broadway musical, “If, Then”, starring Idena Menzel.
It was wonderful …… but ……

Why does it seem there always must be a “but”?

I really did love this show and would highly recommend it …… to most people.
However (and here’s the “but”) …… I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who’s still rawly widowed.
Those of you who are widowed know exactly what that means.

Fortunately, for me, I’m no longer living in the rawness.
And yet I still had to struggle to maintain control and just cry softly …… rather than cry the ugly cry.
And you know exactly what that means, too.

If you are still existing in the raw, go no further. Close this page and maybe come to it later.
For the rest of you, here’s the song that did me in. Well, it’s the first song of a few.
I love it …… and I hate it.
Because I get it.
And I wish I didn’t.

I wish I could’ve found a better video, but the only one was of her on The Today Show last week.
The first song is the song I’m referring to.

It says so much.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post the funny post I had in my head.
But tonight, you get this.

Hopefully you’ll tell me what you think.

Now, THAT ……

…… was a blast.

I just got home from attending “Drunk Shakespeare”. And it was SO much fun.
I received an email about it yesterday. And a discount code. So I decided to go. I may have to go again.
And again.

They’ve been doing it for 3 weeks and the regular priced ticket is only $30. I only paid $14. Pretty good deal, right?

It’s a company of about 2 girls and 3 guys and they perform this in a bar down on 44th. A pretty decent bar. Upstairs.

They take turns choosing one of them to be the one who has to do shots, and bigger servings, at the whim of the audience.
It was hilarious.
Tonight they performed “Macbeth”.
And all things considered, they did a great job.
And they were hilarious.

Here are some pics from the evening:

This is me, in the mirror.




This is the guy who had to drink.  Obviously.





I thoroughly enjoyed myself and highly recommend it.

Afterwards, the guy who sat next to me asked me if I wanted to go downstairs and have a drink.
I respectfully declined. He was very nice and was in NY for business and is returning to England on Thursday.
But I had 3 (small) margaritas over the two hour performance, so I decided that I didn’t need anything else to drink.
That, and I have barre class early in the morning.

The weather did a bizarre turn today.
Yesterday it was beautiful and around 70.
At this moment it’s 35 and snowing.
Yes, snowing.
And hour ago it was 45 and raining.
Go figure.

Yesterday it looked and felt like spring.


Maybe tomorrow I’ll be taking pictures of snow angels.

Actually, I’ll be too busy to take many pictures.
I have barre class, then have to rush home and get ready for our monthly book club meeting, then leave that early to go with a group to see a play, “The Realistic Joneses”. I don’t know much about it, except that Toni Collette is in it and it got a great review in The Times.
(I try not to read too much about any show I’m going to see …… it seems to work better that way. Except for “Spiderman”. I should’ve TOTALLY read the reviews on that.)

Then tomorrow evening I’m going to see Idina Menzel’s new show, “If Then”.
Otherwise known as Adele Dazeem to John Travolta.

Writing all of that just made me realize that I need to go to bed.
Like now.

See ya later.

As Close As I’ll Ever Get ……

…… to George.

I received a package in the mail today.
From him.
Kind of.
But not really.

It contained a note.
From him.
Kind of.
But not really.
But this is as close as I’ll ever get to him, so I’m keeping it.
And sharing it ….

He said I’m amazing.
I may just swoon.

I also received this:
A t-shirt. The pictures on it are characters that he’s played (like Batman).

If I sleep in it …… it will almost be like …… never mind.
I won’t take you there.
Even though I already did.

Daughter #3 is on her spring break this week.
Today we went to see “Draft Day”.
It was MUCH better than the last movie I saw with Kevin Costner.
I enjoyed it. And found it very interesting.

Afterwards I took a walk in the Park.
It was a lovely day.
And it was warm.


It’s supposedly going to be much cooler tomorrow and the rest of the week, with the lows in the 30′s.
But the highs will be in the 50′s and up here, that’s not all that cold.
I, for one, will miss the colder temps. But not the ice.
No, definitely not the ice.

Tonight I went to my first Barre class in 11 days.
Eleven days and a long case of bronchitis.
And it was as hard as I feared it would be.
But I survived.
It wasn’t pretty, but then even on my best days it’s not pretty.

But I’m back in NY and loving being back.
I don’t have very busy week lined up so I may have to change that up.
I’m spending this evening watching “Gone With the Wind”.
I’m on hour 3 out of 4.
Fiddle dee dee.

Rhett is now proposing to Scarlett.
So I must end this and watch her flake out at night while on their honeymoon.
Yes, I’ve seen it before.
About 10 times.
Which is like 8 times too many.
Hi, Mom.

Have a great week, Peeps.
I plan to.

The Week ……

…… in pictures.

This is at Son #3′s fraternity.  They were grilling hamburgers for all of the moms and families.

This is Son #3, putting up the fraternity flag:



This is the front of his fraternity house:

The ADPi letters represent the sorority they’re doing Homecoming with next year:

These pictures are from the backyard of my new home.  It has a beautiful back yard.


This is a redbud tree in Vicki’s back yard in Oklahoma.  These trees are everywhere.  And so beautiful.  :)

This is Son #3, on the way to the farm.  I enjoyed the time with him.  :)

This is a field planted with canola.  The yellow fields were really pretty.

And this is one of my father in law’s wheat fields.  Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.  :)


The sun setting at the farm:


This is the farm equipment grave yard:

More sunset pics:


Son #1 and his dog, GQ.  You know those people who seem to look like their dogs?  Ummmmm, yeah.

Daughter #2 and my father in law:

Son #1, Daughter #2 and my father in law:

These are from the airplane as we were descending in NY:



And this is my spoiled cat:

There you go.
My week in pictures.
Hope you enjoyed it.
Two posts in one night!

You’re welcome.

Oklahoma ……

…… where the wind does indeed come sweeping down the plain.
A sweeping wind that sometimes threatens to knock you over.
Like the one this weekend.

But I love that wind.
Being back in Oklahoma, especially at the farm, is bittersweet.
More sweet than bitter, thankfully.

He should be there.
With me.
And with our children.
But he wasn’t.

I’m on a plane right now, writing this post.
And trying very hard to not cry, but as always, when I write about missing him, the tears flow.
Fortunately the guy next to me is asleep.

I had a good time in Oklahoma this past week.
If you don’t count the 8 days or so that I felt like crap.
I started coughing and having fever last Wednesday, two days before I left for Okla.
And I didn’t get better. Until I finally went to see a dr. this past Thursday. Nine days later.
Better late than never?

I’m on my 4th out of five days of antibiotics. And prescription cough medicine. And, for the first time ever, an inhaler.
I’m feeling much better.

I wasn’t a very exciting guest for Vicki. But it was nice to just hang with her and her family.
And it was nice to spend Moms Day with Son #3 at OSU last weekend. I’ve missed him.

And it was very nice to spend this past weekend with Daughter #2 and Son #1, and my father in law.
We surprised him with our visit, for his 89th birthday.
I think he was pleased.

And now I’m 10 minutes away from landing in NY.
And am very happy about that.
I’ve missed that city. Immensely.
I watched “When Harry Met Sally” on the plane and came close to crying when seeing all of the NY scenes. I was surprised by how much I’ve missed it.
And now I wonder how I’m going to handle being away for a month when I leave in two weeks.

Hopefully I’ll be so in love with my new home that it’ll be just fine.
I close on it in two weeks.
The thought of leaving our house is now starting to make me cry.
It’s time.
I’m ready.
But …… Can you ever truly be ready for something like this?
Leaving behind the home we thought would be our “forever” home.
Leaving behind the wall that has all of the kids’ measurements from every August.
Leaving behind the “secret room” under the stairs, where the kids and all of their friends signed the walls.
Leaving behind …… so much of us.

Yes, it will be painful …… and difficult.
But the memories go with me. And with each of the kids.
They can’t be left behind.
Hopefully I’ll keep that in mind.

I’m looking forward to moving into the new place. And making it mine.
I’m not looking forward to going through everything and deciding what to keep and what to sell/get rid of. That’s going to take a while.
But it has to be done, and other widowed people have done it before me, so I’ll do it.
And continue to move forward.

One step, one room at a time.